for actors

Actors - please feel free to download these questions, answer them and email the answers back to me (along with a high-quality photo of yourself). Extra credit if you can get a few of your cast-mates to do the same. Bonus points and eternal gratitude if you can submit a video of yourself / your cast-mates singing or performing a scene. (Video is the #1 way to jump to the head of the queue and get posted right away!)

Here's how it works:

- I'll edit your responses and post them to The Stage Door
- I'll write a short preview for the print edition
- I get two helpings of original content. You guys get two helpings of publicity, plus dead tree space.
- Everybody wins!

Download the .txt file here: (stage-door-actor-questions.txt)


Your Name:
Title of Show:
  1. Tell us about your favorite role to date.
  2. Describe your dream role. Which iconic song, monologue or moment do you want to perform?
  3. Talk about the top song on your iTunes or Spotify right now? Why that song?
  4. What's the last thing you do immediately before you step onto the stage?
  5. What's next? Where are you headed (a role? a job? a vacation?) and what are you looking forward to doing once you arrive there?