for directors

Directors - please feel free to download these questions, answer them and email the answers back to me (along with a high-quality photo of yourself). Extra credit if you can get a few members of your cast to do the same with our handy-dandy actor questionnaire. Bonus points and eternal gratitude if you can submit a video of your cast singing or performing a scene. (Video is the #1 way to jump to the head of the queue and get posted right away!)

Here's how it works:

- I'll edit your responses and post them to The Stage Door
- I'll write a short preview for the print edition
- I get two helpings of original content. You guys get two helpings of publicity, plus dead tree space.
- Everybody wins!

Download the .txt file here: (director-questions-download.txt).


Your Name:
Title of Show:
  1. Talk about this play. What are audiences going to find out about themselves, life or theatre if they attend?
  2. Talk about your cast (one, two, all or none). Who's going to surprise folks? Who's doing something amazing in their role?
  3. What themes are you trying to illustrate in this show?
  4. What is the most difficult (or most rewarding) part of staging this show?
  5. In one sentence, tell the viewing public why they should attend?

    For extra credit, tell us the best line of dialogue from the show.