Monday, February 24, 2014

Read the review: LES MISERABLES at Broadway Palm

Saturday night's alright for fighting.   That's right! Come to Broadway Palm, to Paris, to the barricade, to "Les Miserables."  Even if you've seen it eleventy-billion times before. This one, like all live theatre, is different. Same story. Same convict. Same dream. No turntable. None of the flying projections from the recent national tour that played both Naples (Jan. '12) and Fort Myers (March '13) inside 14 months. But life. Throbbing, pulsing, furious life - the kind schoolboys man barricades to defend.

John P. White's costumes alone threaten to steal the show. Picture plaid-pantsed hipster revolutionaries and a couture-clad Cosette in candy-stripe confections; it's "My Fair Lady" marching on Montmartre, but it totally works.  Subscribers can read the complete review...

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  1. Why are we no longer able to read the full reviews???