Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reading List: What's happening in the arts

Theatre Conspiracy turns 20
Pretty good story from Nancy Stetson about Theatre Conspiracy making it to 20 years in this week's Florida Weekly. Way too many of us take Bill Taylor for granted around these parts, because my first Theatre Conspiracy show was actually "21A," back in the "that place off Evans" days.

Remember. Back in 2008, the future wasn't always so bright for Theatre Conspiracy. I still miss the eclectic seating in that space. Still.

Florida Rep offers fall classes
Read more about it in the email here.
See how that works folks? You offer me a "view this email on the web" - and I can give a link? Easy-peasy!

Gulfshore guys (and gals) start blogging
Gulfshore Playhouse is blogging. Which is so exciting. As Cody Nickell, one of my new favorite people, writes:
Well, here we go, my first blog post of the season. And according to our “New Blog Policy,” I will be writing a post every Wednesday. The Producing Artistic Director, the General Manager, and the Marketing Coordinator have also been assigned blog days during the week, so you, dear reader, will have a lot more access to the inner workings of The Playhouse this season.
That's why I love Kristen Coury. She cracks the whip on the minions. Wait. I'm not supposed to call them minions.

In other Gulfshore Playhouse news, "Venus in Fur" started rehearsal this week. New general manager Eryn Bates is also blogging

In other, other Gulfshore Playhouse news, Linda Harden writes this fabulous article in Naples Illustrated about the time she entertained the divine genius of Carol Channing.

Bob and I suggested that Channing and her husband stay in the Tower Suite at the Trieste in Bay Colony. I cannot tell you how excited we and everyone at the Trieste felt as Channing, with her big platinum hair and gigantic sunglasses, stepped out of the limousine.

Staged reading
Theatre Conspiracy presents "The Penbridge Provocation," a staged reading of a new play by Louise Wigglesworth, at 8 p.m. Friday, September 27. Tickets are $5.

Here's the blurb: "It was meant to be fun, and for a while it was. With their simple but courageous question printed on loud yellow shirts, three teens incite a school administrator to reassess policies and practices in today's educational system which actually support bully behaviors. Along the way love is lost and found, forgiveness earned and a hopeful future for their community takes shape."

Opera Naples email
Here's the latest Opera Naples email

1. Thanks for providing a "view this on the web link." You guys get a +1 for that. More theaters need to do that.
2. It's generally not a good idea to send massive amounts of text as an image. -1 for that.

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