Friday, October 11, 2013

Reviews: VENUS IN FUR at Gulfshore Playhouse (3)

Updated with Nancy Stetson's review.

Updated with the Charles Runnells review.

Folks are going to be talking about "Venus in Fur" for a while. Get yourself down to Gulfshore Playhouse and see this one. Nancy Stetson was there on opening, so we'll see another review later this week. Nancy's review is now linked below too. Here's a roundup of coverage and the reviews.

"Venus in Fur" plays at 8 p.m. through Saturday, Oct. 19 with additional 3 p.m. matinées on Oct. 12, 13 & 20. Tickets are $29-$35 with discounted $15 admission for students. Call 866-811-4111 or

Review: 'Venus' rises to triumphant opening at Gulfshore Playhouse
(Chris Silk, Naples Daily News)
Watch her maneuver around the stage. No satisfied lioness, sated but bored, lolling in the savannah, eying a gazelle, ever switched from playful to predator with such grace. Wait for those moments you see Curran embrace Vanda's naked (no pun intended) physicality, like unabashedly spreading her legs and plopping on an ill-used divan with carefree joy. How many actresses do you know who can knock out a punchline - "she looked pretty wet the last time I saw her" (yes, it means *exactly* that; no, the crowd didn't get it *at all*) - and follow that with a full standing to butt-on-the-floor squat in the blink of an eye? While wearing stiletto heels? Read the review...

Review: Steamy, sexy, powerful. It’s ‘Venus in Fur’ by Gulfshore Playhouse
(Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly)
If I didn’t fear it might confuse readers and perturb my editors, my opening sentence for this review of “Venus in Fur,” playing at the Gulfshore Playhouse, would be a big, bold exclamation point. Or maybe even three in a row, for emphasis (like the band named !!!). On stage at The Norris Center through Oct. 20, “Venus in Fur” is the kind of play that makes critics reach for the thesaurus, searching for better adjectives. Read the review...

Tension-filled play looks at the power and sexual politics lurking within S&M
(Charles Runnells, The News-Press)
Lightning flashes outside Thomas’ New York City audition studio, but don’t mistake that low rumble for mere thunder. It’s the sound of a man’s life changing forever. ... Things get really interesting after that in Gulfshore Playhouse’s riveting new play, “Venus in Fur,” but to say more would ruin the suspense. Let’s just say this: Some things scar you more than a leather whip or a birch-wood cane. Read the review...

Preview: Gulfshore launches season with 'sexy, kinky' 'Venus in Fur'
(Chris Silk, Naples Daily News)
The play is called "Venus in Fur." The cover of at least one published edition of the work shows a woman wearing stockings and garters. Pictured from the rear, of course. Cutouts of two tiny hearts peek out from the exact spot where the gluteus maximus begins that mysterious journey into the thigh muscle, where the seams of stockings drift downward on long, lean, sensuous legs. This woman, named Vanda in the play, perches with confidence on towering heels. A whip curls in her hand, almost as if she's caressing the instrument. As the audience soon learns, Vanda knows how to use every weapon at her disposal, from whip to wit, in a battle of wills and power that may leave Neapolitan audiences breathless. Read the preview...
Sexual Power Play: David Ives’ ‘Venus in Fur’ leaves most to the imagination in exploring a risqué relationship
(Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly)
FORGET ABOUT “FIFTY SHADES OF Grey.” This is the real thing. The Tony-nominated play “Venus in Fur” is an intelligent look at sadomasochism, the dynamics of relationships and sexual power struggles. “There are so many layers upon layers upon layers (in this play): who’s in power, sexual politics, gender politics,” says Kristen Coury, director of the production of “Venus in Fur” that opens the new season for Gulfshore Playhouse on Friday, Oct. 4, at The Norris Center in Naples. ... “It’s the complete total opposite of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ which is all spelled out in lurid detail. In this play, it’s all evoked, it’s all innuendo … and it’s all steamy.” Read the preview...

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