Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reviews: JACOB MARLEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL at Gulfshore Playhouse (2)

Cody Nickell in "Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol."

It's magically delicious.

Cody Nickell turns in a tour de force performance as Jacob Marley (and 17 other characters) in the Gulfshore Playhouse production of "Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol."

Nickell, director Kristen Coury and a first-rate design team create a phantasmic theatrical experience equal to something Dickens himself would have been proud to attend.

Audiences hear the shrieking whistle of wind, the tinkling of chimes, see the twinkle of bright stars and all but feel the resounding thump and clang of Marley's chains. You live inside this tale - from Marley's first horrific awakening to the inevitable redemption.

Be warned. Playwright Tom Mula has a feel for Dickensian prose. Every second amazes, although I wish curtain time came closer to ten than to eleven.

Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol," an alternate take on the Dickens Classic, runs at 8 p.m. through Dec. 22 at the Norris Center in downtown Naples, with 3 p.m. matinées on Dec. 8, 15, 21 & 22. Tickets are at $33-$45. Call 866-811-4111 or (read the preview) | Read the complete review.

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