Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reviews: "Cats" at Broadway Palm (2)

So, just hours before we launch into another three-show week, I'm all caught up. I'm going to try and do better this week, OK?

"Cats" is good. I talked to Amy right after the show (Baby Grainne was out like a light) and told her that she'd gotten my two favorite numbers, especially "Skimbleshanks." Thanks guys for making me believe in one of my favorite shows again.

Review: Magical, mysterious 'Cats' pounces on fab fun at Broadway Palm
Chris Silk (Naples Daily News)
Everyone - from purists to first-timers to dog-lovers - will leave as pleased as a cat who's just enjoyed a large saucer full of cream. If the show stumbles in spots (oof, those costumes) or makes you wish for a huge ensemble, McCleary and her kittens land on their feet time and time again, turning out one superb number after another. "Cats" prances into Fort Myers after a solid run at Broadway Palm's sister theatre in Lancaster, Pa. Much of the cast returns - including aspiring diva Annie Freres. If the show has a "star," it would be her Grizabella. Or more accurately, that voice. Read the full review ($$)

Theater review: Broadway Palm turns this 'Cats' hater into believer with a spectacular take on the classic musical
Charles Runnells (The News-Press)
I loved almost every minute of Broadway Palm’s “Cats,” from its prancing man-cats to its irrestible songs to its nonstop, eye-popping spectacle. I even loved the goofy cat names such as Bustopher Jones, Skimbleshanks and Rumpleteazer. It helps that Broadway Palm put on such a flawless show here. “Cats” and much of its cast come there after a run at Broadway Palm’s sister theater, The Dutch Apple, in Lancaster, Penn. And it shows in its polished singing and dancing — nearly every note and every step is exactly where it should be. So if you must see “Cats,” this is the one to see. Read the full review...

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