Thursday, November 21, 2013

SAG film "25" seeks actors, extras for December shoot in Naples

A film titled "25" will shoot in Naples during December.
OK. I've got details on a SAG film that will be shooting in Naples during the month of December. It is called "25" and is from Seymore Films.

Check out their website here:

Actors will be paid SAG scale for a low-budget film.

Prospects should contact Karen Kayser Benson and submit photo, resume AND CONTACT INFORMATION to

Casting sessions will be held by appointment only. Sides will be available prior to casting.

  • (1) Young Asian female comedian. Principal role in the film. Must be available for the entire month.
  • (2) Hispanic woman in her 60’s. Comedian. Must be able to smoke large Cuban cigars. Principal role
  • (3) Male, mid-50’s, tall, thin, pale. Character
  • (4) Male, mid 70’s, resembling an old rabbi who is homeless
  • (5) White female in her 60’s, appears to be homeless.
  • (6) Day players who could be White House Staff, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Military Personnel, all nationalities.
  • (7) Extras will be Naples crowds, beach goers, party guests.
Please submit photo and resumes to Karen Kayser Benson is the casting director. Please include contact information. Casting sessions will be by appointment only. Sides will be available prior to the casting session.

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